Thursday, 9 June 2011

1 tonne, 50 metre challenge.

This will be my first workout post and it’s a hard one. The challenge is to carry a total of 1 tonne over a distance of 50 metres. So gather all of your heavy weights together at the start line and pace out 50 metres (or 25 metres to walk there and back). For my walk I used a 50Kg log, two 20Kg water jugs, a 20Kg sand bag, a 10Kg and a 15Kg Bulgarian training bag (the 10kg and 15kg carried together). A person would make a good weight too. The inspiration for this comes from the natural method and being strong to be useful. Be prepared to carry supplies or people a long distance; be it while moving house, or during a natural disaster.

So the goal is to carry an item for 50 metres, drop it down, pick it back up and walk back 50 metres. Keep going until you reach 1000Kg moved a distance of 50 metres.

It is important to remember to keep good form the whole time. Use your legs and hips to lift items off the ground, don’t round your back. Keep you back straight while walking, head up, shoulders back, and basically keep good posture. Bare feet is best, or vibrams. 

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