Monday, 6 June 2011

How to make a medicine ball (Attempt 2)

This is my second medicine ball and I’ve taken more progress pictures this time. Attempt one can be found here.

This ball is going to be turned into a tornado ball for rotation strength, slams and whatever else I decide to use it for. I asked Matthew Palfrey from sandbag fitness what the best weight for a tornado ball is and he suggested 5Kg – 8Kg depending on strength level. This ball ended up being 9Kg since is felt kind of empty at 8Kg so I filled it up a bit more.
This time around I decided to keep the valve so that I can pump the ball up, so I drilled a hole just off to the side of the valve where the rubber is thicker.

The sand I got was also dryer this time, so at the start it filled up a lot easier than last time.

Once the ball had started to fill up I had to start using a stick to push the sand in again since the sand still wasn’t super dry (its winter right now so everything is wet).

I finished this ball like the last one with sugru and duct tape. Stay tuned for a ‘how to make a tornado ball’ post.

Edit: I have since turned this into a slam ball, see here for details (bottom of the page).

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