Saturday, 25 June 2011

The leftovers Meatza

Meatza’s are simple to make, delicious and can be topped with leftovers in the fridge. This recipe is from the first Meatza that I made with inspiration from Free The Animal.

The Base
500g of Beef mince
500g of Pork mince

1-2 eggs
Half a chopped onion
Salt, pepper, herbs, garlic to taste.

The base is really easy to make, just combine all the ingredients, place in an oven dish, shape and cook. I used half beef and half pork because the fat from the pork makes for a moister base (not so dry). I tried to make an edge with my Meatza base to hold all the toppings on. Cook the base for 10 minutes at 180˚C. Then pour off any juices that have escaped the meat. 

At this stage the base will have shrunk slightly, though not a lot. Now it’s ready for toppings.
I topped mine with tomato paste, chicken, salami, camembert, feta, mozzarella, capsicum, onion, and Bok Choy. These were all fried up quickly to pre cook them a bit. All of these were leftovers from other dishes and were just waiting to be used. Pile everything on top, use lots of cheese to bind it all together. Cook for a further 10 minutes and its ready to eat.

I piled mine high and the Meatza feed 5-6 people.

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