Sunday, 3 July 2011

My Mad Methods Magazine

Rebel against convention.
This is the first of what I call primal product reviews. In these I will look at products, websites and ideas to bring to the attention of those following a primal/paleo lifestyle. These will mostly be interesting and/or useful things which I hope you enjoy. I’m happy for the first of these to be about My Mad Methods (MMM). and the MMM magazine are devoted to unconventional training methods - namely kettlebells, but also Indian clubs, heavy clubs, sledgehammers, battle ropes, maceballs and body weight exercises. Both the website and magazine contain articles on all aspects of training - nutrition, mentality, conditioning, workout plans, interviews etc. It focuses on health and performance though functional movements and training (similar to the natural method). What’s more, the information found on the site or in the magazine can be used directly by those following a primal/paleo lifestyle.

My Mad Methods is aimed at those serious about performance; such as athletes (particularly MMA), servicemen and women, and those willing to push to the next level (past spin and pump classes). The workouts are hard, and intense but very approachable, with beginner’s workouts and gradual increases in the intensity within a plan. Anyone who has been working out in a primal way for sometime should be able to tackle the workouts suggested. Although hard, they are rewarding and will give you much needed variation. This variation is a big part of enjoying a workout, getting results, finding and working on weaknesses. 

The website is full of instructional videos for all kinds of movements and training methods using unconventional equipment, as well as workouts incorporating them. There are also 4 to 12 week plans which may focus on strength, power, conditioning or a combination of the three. Along with this is a selection of articles on all aspects of training, some which have featured in the magazine and some which have not.

Being the scientist that I am, I enjoy researching and testing all kinds of ideas and methods. The online content and the magazine are full of ideas which I have been able to take onboard for my own training. I particularly like the workout plans. I’m currently doing a 4 week beginners kettlebell plan and after only 2 weeks I have noticeable increases in strength and conditioning. Next up will be a 4 week sandbag plan and then possibly a full on strength and conditioning plan. Having short plans like these gives me the structure, allowing me to build up a repetoire of movement while not getting boring. I can them use this as a base on which to put together my own workouts to achieve my specific goals, whatever they may be.

So if you’re looking for as change, or some new ideas to add to your own training, sign up to the website and have a look around.  Give the articles a read, the workouts a try and consider buying a subscription. For only US$12 you can get a year’s digital subscription and access to all the back issues (currently 6). The quality of the magazine and the information you can gain are more than worth it. Or if you can, consider getting the hard copies. Note: I have nothing to gain by writing this review, but I hope you gained something from it.

Train hard, train safe, and enjoy.

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