Sunday, 18 May 2014

Homemade Parallettes

Just an example, hands could be closer

I’ve seen lots of articles and videos on building parallettes, mostly out of pvc pipe. These all look pretty good, but pvc pipe and fittings are not that cheap in NZ. So when I had some leftover dowel from my stall bars I decided to make some wooden parallettes. Since this is the first set I have built I decided to build slightly smaller, shorter bars and I will likely build higher bars later. 

I used off cuts of 20mm plywood from work and 400mm long, 32mm dowels for the bars. The plywood is 200mm high, and 240mm wide. Very simple to build and screw together. These parallettes will work well all kinds of gymnastic movements and will help me build towards a full deficit handstand push up. My next set of bars will be 400mm, possibly 450mm high so that I can get a full deficit on the handstand, this will likely be as high as I will ever need the bars.

Super simple and very solid

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