Sunday, 20 July 2014

Roof section of climbing wall

This last section of my climbing wall has taken over a year to finish but it’s finally done. I had one strip of 400mm x 2400mm plywood left over after building the massive hang board, campus board, and peg board. This strip of ply was always intended to be used as a roof climbing section for grip training, and as a possible section to traverse (along the hang board and on to the roof section).

This section was fairly straight forward to build; it runs parallel to the side wall of the garage and perpendicular to the hang board. I placed it in such a way so one can climb along the hang board then transfer to the roof section, or transfer between the roof section and the peg board. I allowed a 500mm gap between the peg board and the roof section to fit my head and shoulders, and approximately the same distance between the roof section and hang board. The ply was drilled in a similar fashion to the hang board (click the link to read more about the screws and t-nuts) the only difference is the holds are drilled 80mm from the sides of the roof section (not 100mm). This spacing places the holds further from the centre holds, spreading them out across the board. I mention this only because when I am looking to start a project I like to find other peoples measurements to help inform my own project. 

I used two lengths of 2x4 (45mmx90mm to be exact) to fasten the ply to the rafters. The 2x4 was cut to 2400mm, the same length as the plywood. These were spaced out so they would not be in the way of the t-nuts on the plywood which would block the rock holds. These were screwed to three rafters, 2 screws per rafter. I used large gauge 90mm long screws and feel very safe with these fixings. These screws were also counted sunk, so the ply would sit flush with the 2x4’s and not hit the screw heads. I used a 24mm drill bit for this. As a side note I found the 2x4’s to replicate monkey bars quite well, so there is an idea if you are low on money and material.

Spacing for t-nuts, and example of counter sinking
More pictures of spacing and counter sinking
Once the 2x4 was fixed in place the plywood was screwed in using the same spacing’s and fixings as the hang board (Link for more information).

Finished product and example of spacing away from the peg board

I’m very happy with the finished product, I spaced the 2x4s so that the ply would over hang, allowing me to traverse the roof section similar to monkey bars. I am also considering options for pinch training off the roof section for which I may just hold the exposed rafters while spotting myself with the roof section of ply. This opens up quite a few more grip training options for me. Once I buy some more rock holds I’ll add some more pictures. 

Using the 2x4's like monkey bars

Hanging from the ply and the rock holds

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