Sunday, 17 January 2016

Vertical plate storage

140kg of plates

I have plans to build a bumper plate rack, but I can’t finish it until I get the plates for sizing. I also wanted a small rolling platform to store a few steel plates. I’ve seen similar on pintrest and on You Tube videos so I decided to build one out of some left over ply. Again this beats my previous storage system of ‘stack plates all around the rack’.

The base is around 450mm x 450mm, the pole in the middle is approximately 350mm high (50mm thick plates, so I can comfortably fit 3 pairs). I would have preferred a steel pole, but I had the ply so I decided to use that. The pole is approximately 35mmx35mm because maths. The base is two sheets of ply, the top sheet is cut so that the pole could fit in the centre and be glued and screwed in.

The wheels are rated to 40kg each, so 160kg total allows me 3 pairs of 25kg plates which should be more than enough once I get my bumper plates.

Fairly basic, took me a day to build less than $40 worth of ply and $20 in the wheels.

I doubt I'll ever need more than 250kg or so I plates, so this system should work great for me, but if you think you'll want more weight it might be best to buy a commercial version of this rack so you can store a few 100 kilos on it.


  1. This is awesome! I need to make one of these. Right now I have them all over the floor. One idea I had was for slightly upwardly angled wall-mounted pegs that are near the rack itself, to minimise the distance the pleight travels from storage to bar. Save a little time and energy each workout... I'm all about those small efficiency gains. If I can't attach stuff to the rental property, maybe I can rig a way to hang them off the rack itself.

    1. A lot of commercial sized racks have a third set of poles behind the cage with plate storage on them, which would be ideal, I just don't have to room for that.