Sunday, 10 July 2016

Rolling plate storage

So I finally finished my plate storage, if you want to see the first part of the build click here.

The plan was always to add the last partition for a pair of 5kg plates and my plywood technique plates. It was a fairly simple build, and the sizing was based on the room I had left over so I won't be listing any sizes here.

First step was to add the last partition, for which I had a board already cut from the original build.

Last partition is in
This just happens to be a good fit
After adding the last partition the space that remained was the perfect width for my 2.5kg plates, however I didn't want to store them facing that direction. I used this width, to inform the width of the partition for these plates. This would allow the plates to sit high for easy access. I was lucky in that the space left over at the end of the rolling rack gave enough room for my 4 - 2.5kg plates and 4 - 1.25kg plates, with a partition. I added some more plywood on the 1.25kg side so that they would also sit high in the rack.

Note the extra plywood on the last section.

For strength I removed the last main partition, which I had just set up, so that I could screw the change plate partition from that end. The then put the whole thing back in an screwed it all off. I haven't screwed these from the bottom, but it all seems strong enough for now.

For now my smaller 5kg plates sit in the back section, but the plan is to buy more for my dumbbells, so I will likely build another rolling rack for just 5kg plates, this would leave that back section for clips, fat grips etc.

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