Sunday, 6 November 2016

Power Rack Parallel bars

So I’m been making good progress in the pressing section of gymnastic bodies foundations courses and was getting close to Russian dips (search on YouTube if you need to). The problem was my old dip bar set up was just too low for the bottom position of the Russian dip. I could have packed the whole thing up higher but it was also to short for my arms to fit comfortably at the bottom position as well. Obviously the idea would be full size gymnastic parallel bars, but they are clearly cost and space prohibitive. Another good option would have been an outdoor station, but again space is an issue. After some thought, setting up something in a power rack was the best option for me.

Clearly too short (And the camera person is making faces at me)
A much better height (bottom of Russian Dip)

It was a relatively simple build, I needed to cover the spotter arms, to both protect the barbells, and stop them from rolling, and that’s really all that was required.

Made to fit

First step I built the staples to fit over the spotter arms, the timber is all off cuts from work, ripped down to size. The spaces are the same thickness of a barbell (28mm I think), so it was really easy to cut a bunch, and use them for spacing out, while stapling down the others. The whole thing is stapled together with 30mm wood staples, screws would probably work better, but I just banged this together at work with the tools available at hand.

So for Zero cost to me and less than 30 minutes of work I have and adjustable set of parallel bars. They’re not perfect; they are limited in their adjustability in terms of widths and height but they do the job I need them to so I’m really happy with how they came out.


  1. This looks and seems a lot better then anything I used at a gym, and still amazed at what you have done.

  2. This is one brilliant design. If you can patent it you should. Good designers should be well rewarded. You have turned a squat rack into an adjustable dip station. I think this is the first time I've ever seen anyone do this. All you need is a clamp system to anchor the bar at each end for stability. But that is easy. Well done!