Sunday, 28 May 2017

Pull up bar improvements

So my pull up bar is pretty basic, it’s a bar off the ground so I can do pull ups, can’t get too complicated. However I wasn’t totally happy with the sections that hold the bar up. The wood was cracked and creaking more than I would like, and the screws holding it together were a smaller gauge than I would have liked.

So I planned some steel work to replace the existing wooden holders which would fit onto the uprights in a similar fashion but with larger screws. I mocked up what I wanted and took it to the welding/machine shop next to my workplace, who made two pairs for me for $50. The price is maybe a little high, but I wouldn’t really want to muck around with such a small project for little cash return, so I was happy to pay for it.

Old, cracked with small screws

I did add two more screws after photo #4

These steel pieces were screwed into the same place as the previous wood, but I did pack out the steel, so that my bar would have a small shelf to sit on. The screws I used this time were much larger gauge that I can feel very safe with.

Now I could have used large screws like this from the start, and probably wider wooden pieces would have been better as well, so this could easily be replicated with wood, without paying for steel, but the steel work was easy and cheap for me to do. So whichever way you chose, my suggestion is to pay the little bit extra for larger bolts you can trust.

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  1. Most people choose support a horizontal beam/post/bar like this but what about supporting it vertically? Then lash/bolt it somehow to the existing vertical post? This way you can use a far less beefy system as its pretty impossible for anyone to crush a post vertically! This design could probably be used very well inside. We've all seen many videos of people crashing to the floor from jerry rigged pullup bars in their door frames. Having that bar supported vertically would make this foolproof. Then just a small screw to anchor it to the door frame top and bottom.