Sunday, 21 May 2017

Water proof socks

I wish I had these socks for this hike
After the frozen and numb feet hiking at Mt Taranaki I searched out some water proof socks. I was lucky enough to find some reasonably priced sealskin socks (Brand, not animal). I ordered their walking socks, thin weight so that I could wear them over my injinji compression socks when hiking. I was unsure of how good they would be, so I was testing them out on the hike to Crosbies hut.

The first thing I did was put them on and stood in my dog’s paddling pool, dry feet, no leaks, things were looking good.

The socks feel a little odd, with three layers, the middle layer being water proof, and the fit was a little small, but otherwise they felt great, very comfortable. The thin weight fit over my toe socks and in my shoes just fine, but I don’t think I would like heavy weight socks (I should try to be sure though).

Still like these as inner socks

I then walked the 6 hour track up to Crosbies hut in what I would describe as moderate to low level mud (Nothing like Mt Pirongia). It was odd stepping into a stream; the water was cold and filled my shoe, my feet felt like they were wet, but they weren’t, it was an odd sensation. Though all the mud I didn’t have to worry about me feet getting wet and cold, they were dry the whole way.

Sealskin socks, they don't look fancy but they work
Once we got to the hut I took my soaked shoes off, then the water proof socks to check my inner socks – bone dry. They were so dry I took them off and put them aside for the next day, as a test. The next day we were almost at the end of the track and while walking through a stream if felt a little water on my big toe. Then a little later I was standing in a puddle and felt a little more water. When I took my shoes off I found something had made its way into my shoe (lots of mud) and worked a little hole in near the big toe. It was a small hole and only let a little water in so the sock was still 98%. It was a real shame to get a hole in the sock on the first outing, but by no means was this the fault of the manufacture, or a let down on the quality of the socks. There was so much mud in my shoes this was likely to happen. In future I will need to take better care to keep debris out of my shoes.

My final verdict on these socks is that they are an amazing game changer; they will be with me on any hike set to be muddy or cold. I don’t think they are necessary in summer (accept maybe on Mt Pirongia) as I find even if there are river crossings the water warms up quickly and isn’t much of an issue, wet feet are sometime just part of life. I think if I had had these for Mt Taranaki the experience would have been much more enjoyable.

I always seem to pick hikes with a lot of mud

As always, I didn’t get paid to write this, and I bought the socks myself, and will probably buy myself another pair.

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