About Me

My name is Blair and I recently finished a graduate diploma of secondary teaching and I have a master’s of science (2012) in yeast genetics. In 2010 I developed a strong interest in health and fitness. After being introduced to a primal lifestyle website (marks daily apple) I was hooked. I now try to live my live as close as I can to that of our pre agriculture ancestors; this means lots of meat and vegetables, and no grains.

I work out as often as time permits, often this means 2-4 workouts per week utilising body weight exercises, sandbags, kettlebells and other unconventional training gear. I also include walking, hiking and sprints. I am trying to better myself through the natural method philosophy "be strong to be useful". So my training seeks to make the most functional, and practically useful body possible. This means focusing on all forms of movement including both fuctional exercises (such as pull ups and squats) and practical exercises such as climbing. This is to prepare myself to be useful in real world situations, unlike lat pull downs and leg presses.

I take pride in my homemade equipment, and believe that the objects I create can be even more useful to me than store bought and gym equipment for creating a fuctional body.

I should really update this 'about me' page, in the meantime here is a more recent article on my journey to fitness.