Homemade Gear

I take pride in my homemade equipment, and believe that the objects I create can be even more useful than store bought, or gym equipment for me to create a functional body.

I'd like to share with you the objects I've made, and hope that you can gain some inspiration for building your own gear. If you have any ideas, suggestions or comments let me know.

Anchor points - Note really homemade, but super helpful.

Ab wheel 2.0 - Excellent for building a rock solid core.

Barbell Rack - Tidy storage is important too

Bulgarian Training bag - Cheap and versatile sandbag for strength and endurance training.

Climbing rope - Amazing for pulling strength

Dip bars - For big arms and chest, great alternative to push ups.

Dragging sled - A simple and cheap dragging sled for working on leg power.

Fat bars - Grip strength and general strength training. 

Finger straps - Build strong fingers and work on individual fingers

Grip Strength Bag - No such thing as too much grip strength.

Gymnastic Rings -Build strong arms and a solid back for less than $25, not $100+.

Jump box - Plyometric training

Lifting platform - For Olympic lifting

Medicine Ball One and Two - A fun and versatile piece of equipment.

Mobility stick -  PVC pipe and some tape, simple and effective.

Parallettes - Used for all kinds of gymnastics, and handstand push ups

Parallel Bars - Build in a power Rack

Peg board (climbing) - Excellent for training climbing strength, pull ups and lockouts.

Pinch training tool - For training pinch strength and the thumb

Plate storage (Vertical) - Keep your gym tidy

Plate storage (Rolling) - For bumper plates, change plates and dumbbells 

Pull up frame - My most used piece of fitness gear.

Rock wall/hang board - Lots of fun and brutal on the grip

Rock wall - roof section - Lots of fun, heaps of new options for grip training.

Rope ladder - Fun and challenging alternative to pull ups

Rope swing - Swing from rope to rope

Sandbag - Everyone should workout with one of these.

Slam ball - A slightly stronger version of a medicine ball (bottom of the page).

Slosh Can - A weight which moves and fights against you as you workout with it. Build your stabilisers and practical strength.

Squat Stands (and Bench) - Much cheaper that a full cage

Stall bars (Swedish bars) - For gymnastics strength training

Technique plates - Light weight plywood plates for technique work

Tornado Ball - As simple as a medicine ball with rope and duct tape. For rotational strength.

Weight bell (pull ups and dips)  - Easy solution to add weight to your pull ups and dips

Hope you enjoy.